Monday, March 11, 2013

We Are (Dysfunctional, Crazy) Family

Who here has a family member that annoys them?  That sometimes hurts their feelings?   Makes you feel unappreciated?  Who here knows that for all the dysfunction, when push comes to shove, your family is there for you?

What I learned this week, is that not only am I valued by my coworkers, but that I am cared for, and we are a family.  I won't go into details, but I will say that true to form, my yearly SOL-induced funk was in full force by last week.  A couple of things happened when I was already feeling low, and next thing you know, I was filling out the paperwork for a transfer.

This weekend, I had a family emergency.  My coworkers, my department chair, my administrators, and my principal came out in full force.  They didn't just step up, they went above and beyond.  I literally have been moved to tears by the amount of compassion and love I have been shown in the last 48 hours.

I have only been teaching three years, but I have been in the workforce for 25.  I have had jobs I loved and jobs I hated.  I have made great friends at work in the past.  I have had great bosses--in fact, one I named my son after.  Never, across the board, have I worked with such a big-hearted, brilliant, beautiful group of people.  For each one of you (coworkers past and present) reading this who has held my hand, commiserated with me, made me smile, listened to stories about my dog, watched my class so I could go to the bathroom, forced me to come to Zumba, had a drink with me, pretended we have a thing going on because the students think it's funny, let me steal your lesson plans, given me chocolate, given me Tylenol, answered my texts, sent me inappropriate emails that make me snort while my kids are taking a test; I adore you.  It is an honor to call you not just coworkers or friends, but family.

I withdrew my transfer paperwork this afternoon.   

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  1. *smooches* You know I'm only a text away if you need me and I'm glad I was able to help at all. You surely are loved and I am beyond thankful that you and I have gotten to know each other better as the years have gone on. I'm glad you withdrew your paperwork. Who else would I have to talk to me about inappropriate books.