Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A sequel to "How You Gonna Fail Me?" entitled "Awwww HELL NO!"

Act I - in the Lecture Hall where Miz N is graciously spending her planning time proctoring an SOL.  Annie walks in and sees Miz N standing there.

Annie:  Awwww HELL NO!  I ain't goin' in there to take my SOL if she's gonna be in here!

Dr:  C:  Now Annie, you know you have to take this SOL.  Besides, Miz N is leaving with a smaller group of students; she won't even be in here...<quietly, to Miz N> She's such a delightful child, isn't she?

Miz N:  A dream!  Makes me excited to come to work!

Act II: Outside Miz N's classroom later that day.  Miz N is greeting her students.  Annie is standing there.  Miz N is ignoring her, partially for fear of incurring Annie's wrath and having another scene.  Miz N has had enough of scenes.

Annie:  Miz N, can I come back to your class?

Miz N:  No.

Annie:  <shocked, all innocent outrage>  Why not?

Miz N:  Because you are finished in here.  <walks into classroom>

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